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| About Us

Sandstone is a structural engineering consultancy which provides technical input for residential developments. We have a keen eye on economic design without compromising on quality.

We pride ourselves on working together with Architect’s, Developers, and Contractors to extract the most out of every project with importance given to the details that arise from the initial concept, though to the design and construction, keeping our clients informed along the way.

Our engineers share a wide range of industry experience from commercial to residential, to make your vision a reality.

Sandstone Engineering - Project 225 - Internal Remodelling

| Our Services

We specialize in residential developments for existing homes across London. Our expertise encompasses a range of projects, including extensions, loft conversions, and internal remodeling. With a focus on structural integrity and innovative design, we provide essential input throughout the development process.

Our involvement begins with thorough initial site visits, during which we assess the unique characteristics and requirements of your property. We then offer comprehensive structural design input during key stages of the project, particularly at Stages 3 and 4. This ensures that your vision is translated into practical, robust solutions that meet all regulatory requirements and construction standards.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of seamless collaboration between all parties involved in the project. To facilitate this, we arrange meetings with your contractor prior to the commencement of works. This allows us to align our structural design with the contractor’s plans, fostering a smooth transition from design to construction and ensuring the successful realization of your project.


Single to multi-storey extensions. Designed to open up existing spaces, we ensure the new structure works in harmony with the existing!

Loft Conversions

Including terrace and balcony design. We focus on achieving a construction conscious design, with an eye on protecting the existing building during work.


Additional services include design for retaining walls as well as outbuildings and garden offices. Careful consideration is given to the surrounding landscape!

| The Process

Step 1

Contact us with your inquiry to receive professional advice and an initial quotation for the job.

Step 2

Book your site inspection visit where we can assess the existing structure and you can meet our engineers!

Step 3

We will produce our Preliminary Structural Pack within a week of our appointment, for comment only.

Step 4

Final Technical Structural Pack ready to be submitted for Building Control Approval.

| See What Our Customers Are Saying |

farhaan Hussain
farhaan Hussain
The company was an absolute delight to collaborate with, and I wholeheartedly endorse them to anyone seeking this particular type of service. It was truly an exceptional experience, surpassing all my expectations. I unequivocally recommend Sandstone Engineering Ltd. Their expertise and skillful execution resulted in a remarkable outcome for me. Their professionalism was exemplary, and their pricing was remarkably reasonable. They promptly responded to all communication within 24 hours or in a few hour. I firmly believe that this company has the potential to be among the top 5 in the country.
Safi Al Koud and the Sandstone team have provided me an absolute value-added service. With agility and precision, Safi has been very proactive. With spot communication, all the information was delivered with an excellent explanation and context. I would recommend Sandstone to any friend!
Thomas Kavanagh
Thomas Kavanagh
Great service. Super efficient. Pleasure to deal with
yas al
yas al
Safi was great, he took his time to explain things and ensure I was happy. Highly recommend, very easy to work with and happy with the end result
Dinesh Mehta
Dinesh Mehta
A good trade review and the fact that Sandstone Engineering are local to us led us to engage them. We already had an architectural design for the remodelling of our ground floor and approached Safi and Naseem for the necessary structural drawings and calculations. The build involves extending the ground-floor accommodation at the rear of our house, taking down load-bearing internal and external walls, removing a chimney breast and designing the floor to accommodate underfloor heating throughout the ground floor. Having taken on board findings from trial pits and CCTV drain survey, Naseem and Safi have assembled a structural pack suitable for building regulation submission and for use by builders. They've been admirably responsive to questions from us, our architect and building contractors. Being very approachable and easy to work with, they have patiently explained relevant technical issues to us and have had several detailed meetings with our architect to find solutions that help with the build and reduce building costs. We wholeheartedly recommend Sandstone Engineering for their technical knowhow and for their friendly and personal service. They were fully committed to our project and supported and advised us not only on the structural aspects but also on matters that probably went beyond the scope of their work. This young and professional company deserves to do well. As construction approaches, we feel content that Sandstone Engineering will be as responsive as ever if we need further advice or if the builder encounters practical challenges.
Jo Harris
Jo Harris
Great, would definitely recommend. Naseem has been very reliable, helpful and easy to work with. Thanks
David Waller
David Waller
Safi was exceptionally quick in his response to our enquiry and within a few days had carried out the inspection, was thorough and professional and prepared our engineer report quickly. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, great work and professional team at Sandstone Engineering. Thank you!!
Mirko Russo
Mirko Russo
As an architectural firm, we entrusted Sandstone Engineering for structural design and calculation of a residential project in our area. Great communication and problem solving skills, Safi and Naseem have been involved in the whole process from concept to construction. We highly recommend their services and we are sure we will continue our collaboration with them. TATAMADE Architects Team.
Jemma Fitzpatrick
Jemma Fitzpatrick
Naseem was speedy, accurate and on time with things. Like him
claire ginzler (claire)
claire ginzler (claire)
I would highly recommend Sandstone Engineering and we can’t thank them enough because of their efficiency and technical knowledge. They were also super clear and supportive with all the queries around our roof extension. Added to that their fees were reasonable. You can tell they know their business, and importantly care for their work.

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